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Alternative Capital Advisers, LLC (ACA) is an SEC registered investment advisory firm that enables RIA’s, wealth managers, financial representatives and investment officers to allocate directly to alternative strategies. ACA provides an investor driven solution to accessing, researching, diligencing, accounting and investing in the next generation of hedge fund leaders. The firm has an expertise in sourcing undiscovered managers with best-in-class return profiles, typically with less than $500 million in assets, where the highest quality returns are generated.
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Benefits of ACA Managers

About Our Managers

About Our

  • Our Managers cover the sweet spot for hedge fund investors
  • Investment professionals with verifiable track records
  • Average 3 year track record
  • Assets under management average ~$300 mln.
Uncorrelated Returns


  • ACA managers have low correlations to equity and fixed income indices
  • Our multi-manager portfolios maintain that low correlation
  • These desirable low correlations are achieved by the nimble scale and investment acumen of our managers
Enhanced Efficient Frontier

efficient frontier

  • Our managers are selected to improve the overall return profile of clients’ equity/fixed income investments
  • Adding a core ACA manager group improves the risk/return profile of most investments
Lower volatility & Drawdowns

Lower volatility &

  • Proprietary ACA algorithm ranks all potential managers on key criteria
  • Funds with low index correlations and minimal draw downs rank highest
  • We select true hedge fund managers that have a repeatable, definable edge

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