Why ACA?

For the Advisor

  • Collaborative and consultative approach to investing
  • Support from an experienced, trusted research team
  • Control of all allocation decisions
  • Consistency of relationship with investor
  • Flexibility to suit individual client risk/return profile
  • Access to new products and a comprehensive investment offering

For the Investor
Investment Benefits

  • Access to world class investment managers
  • Exposure to a wide spectrum of strategies
  • An acute focus on risk management, Alpha generation and uncorrelated returns

Structural Benefits

  • Fully customized portfolios
  • Diversification through a single allocation
  • No additional layers of fees
  • Low minimum investment requirements
  • Tax efficiency via IRA investing
  • Simple tax reporting through a single K-1

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping investment advisers efficiently utilize hedge funds to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Our Promise

You are our client. You will always maintain the relationship with your investor. You and your client will always maintain control of investment decisions.

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